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Why Do I Need Security on WordPress Site?

Some homes in safe neighborhoods don’t even bother locking their front doors.  And there are other homes in different neighborhoods with bars over their window and metal security doors in the front.  And then there are rich homes that have guard dog, gate, and a security guard.  Security setup is really based on what kinds […]

Why Should I Hire Web Designer / Developer? vs. Low Cost Tools Like WIX, Squarespace or Shopify

In recent years, there are many different web design platforms such as Squarespace, WIX, Shopify, and many more.  And all these generally offer same thing.  An advanced template to create a website easy, fast, and cheap!  And who doesn’t like that? Traditionally, a web design cost about $1,000-5,000.  You can go to Craigslist and find […]

Website Speed Matters?

One of things we hate the most as Americans is waiting for something.  So when we encounter a slow website speed, we often do not wait for it regardless of the content.  I don’t think anyone can truly disagree that having a fast responding website is an essential. Q1. What’s acceptable speed? All sites created […]

My journey as Web Design Hobbyist

One of my ‘hobby’ is building a website. I don’t even know what got me started but I always enjoyed making a website come alive. While this really isn’t my career choice nor my main profession, I always love sharing my idea of web design & helping people with it.  And this is one of […]