Terms & Conditions, aka boring details…

Website Development.  The majority of the communications will be done via email for a paper trail & efficient process.  While a typical response/update is within 24 hours, our Guaranteed response/update window is within 3 business days.  Turnaround time is an estimate based on active customer feedback which can vary from a couple of weeks to a few months.  All new website development will come with 3-month complimentary hosting.  So your 1st year of hosting will have 15 months total.

Price & Quote.  Your Marketing Team package is always a customized solution thus we cannot provide pricing online.  However, we do have a standard package available to get an idea of general costs.  All website service packages are listed under Pricing.

Discount Packages.  We offer many specials & discounts, for example, the Facelift discount is valid up to 20% if you’re keeping the structure and pages the same way but we’re doing an overall look upgrade using a new theme & new look.  WP2WP discount only applies if you already have a WordPress site but want to upgrade the looks but want to keep the same structure & only minor changes to the pages.  Depending on the work involved, you could receive up to a 40% discount on the project.  We are open to any reasonable offers & negotiations & understand the current market status.

Contract & Placing Order.  In an effort to minimize paperwork & processing, WebVillage only provides invoices via email which can be viewed at any time through WebVillage’s My Account page.  Making a payment of any kind toward an invoice constitutes a contract based on terms & conditions outlined on this page.  A customer has the right to negotiate or request any language to be added to the invoice prior to executing the contract by making a payment.

Refund & Satisfaction Guarantee.  Satisfaction Guarantee applies during initial buildup only. Going LIVE on the new site constitutes acceptance of the final product. The actual cost for the site including hosting & setup cost + any optional items will be deducted from any refund request.  Upon request, we will provide a pro-rated refund if we cannot satisfy your requirements.

Payment Terms.  The typical web development payment term is 50% deposit + 15m auto payment and typical Marketing Package payments are due on the 5th of every month.  If you’re late on making any payment, we’ll give you a past due reminder before imposing any late fees.  We’ll typically give you NET15 after invoicing / due date before imposing a late fee of $10 or 10% (whichever is greater).  All accounts that are late for more than 30 days can be taken offline without further notice.

Hosting.  We use a high-end, Enterprise spec server with premium software that enables us to provide faster service. (test your website compare to others!)  Fair Use on all accounts: No SPAMS or major newsletter operation (max 100 emails/hour/domain)  Storage & bandwidth limit is in place ample for a typical business site.  All videos must be hosted via YouTube or similar & High-Resolution image database/hosting will require additional cost.  We offer 2 tier hosting plans.

  • Managed Hosting includes Server level Security, Automated Backup, Cache + 10GB + SSL + Auto Plugin updates + 50K monthly visitors
  • All-In-One Hosting adds Minor content update service + Site Optimization for Google Search Ranking

As a Full-Service Marketing Agency, we typically only offer to host websites we build & maintain.  We do offer different options for E-Commerce and high-traffic websites.

Admin access.  Customers will either get access which can manage user accounts on the site and can manage all content of the site but will not have access to plugin installations & activation.  (Editor or Admin with limited access)  This is strictly for security purposes.  Customers can request the addition of any plugin at any time and we’ll approve all plugins that are supported & known to be safe.  Admin access & cPanel access is only provided after the website project has been fully paid.

Optional Features/Items.  WordPress has unlimited capability for expansion such as Popup banners, Forum, Members-only content, Event Calendar, Scheduler, and more…  Most optional items start at $25-100/feature or $200/premium plugin/theme.  Higher cost licensed plugins are calculated: plugin cost + configuration cost (20% of premium plugin cost).  Any premium feature cost is non-refundable & must be pre-paid.  Please reach out to get a quote.

Website Content & Blogs.  The web development package will include all updates & repairs on links, images, and display errors within pages & sections.  For the Blog section, we are responsible for structure & display setup but actual content including any link issues is NOT covered with any package.

Copyrights.  The customer is responsible for providing all images, videos, & content.  All completed & paid sites belong to customers and customers can request a copy to be sent to them at the closing of their account.  At no time, WebVillage services claim any copyright or ownership to any content provided by the customer.  Customer is responsible to provide content that he/she/they have the right to use.  We cannot be responsible for ANY copyright infringement or any violation that results from using content provided by the customer.

Termination.  Customer can request their account to be closed at any time.  We will provide all applicable pro-rated refunds (based on the following month cycle) as listed above and process the closing of the account within 10 business days.  The customer is responsible for moving the site away from our server & making copies of all contents with provided access.  Customers can also request a file that has all content which we can process for a small fee.  We recommend that you either give us weeks’ notice or move your site before canceling web hosting to make sure your site is moved and running from a new server before canceling service with us.  We do NOT hold any responsibility to keep your backup or current files and they may not be recoverable once you cancel service with us.