5 Reasons Your Small Business Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

To grow your small business, it’s not enough to offer top-notch products and services. You also need to put yourself out there by sending the right messages to the right people or risk wasting your time and resources. Below we’ll explain potential issues with marketing strategy for small businesses and how to fix them.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working


1. You’re Using A Broad Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Customers love small businesses for their personal service, attention to detail, and local feel. As a small business, your marketing strategy should reflect your place in the community. You don’t need to have social media accounts on eight different platforms or run ads 24/7 to compete with national competitors. It might be better to start on a small, focused segment of buyers.

2. Your Message Doesn’t Make Sense

You and the people creating your marketing content will know your business well. You may eliminate simple marketing ideas in favor of a more complicated message to impress your audience. But these people have little to no familiarity with your business, and your thoughtful message may just come across as confusing. A straightforward approach is often most effective.

3. You’re Not Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Identifying and creating content for your target customer is no guarantee they’ll find you. With so many options for the same product, people are inundated with advertisements everywhere they go, and they learn to tune them out. You’ll only make an impression on your target audience if you come to them. This means posting your ads on the same platforms they frequent, running commercials on the channels they watch, and paying for space in the magazines they read.

5 Reasons Your Small Marketing Strategy Isn't Working


4. You’re Not Sticking With Your Marketing Strategy

Every business would love for their Facebook advertisement or TikTok video to go viral overnight. The reality of marketing strategy, whether it’s digital or not, is that good results take time. To gauge the success of your campaign, you need to give it at least a few months to run. Then you can analyze it and make changes. If you’re switching your direction every few weeks in the hopes of a better outcome, you won’t give any campaign the chance to succeed.

5. You’re Not Pivoting Your Mindset

Modern marketing is not an intuition-based guessing game. Effective decisions come from collecting and analyzing data before, during, and after your marketing campaign. Even if you’re a small business, you will benefit by leveraging data in your marketing strategy. It’s time to pivot your process so you can keep up with cutting-edge competitors. Don’t be afraid to use technology to your advantage and introduce data into your creative process.

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