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There are 2 ways to SAVE on G Suite / Google Workspace.

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Are you looking for a new business email?  There are a LOT of great options out there.  I recently went on crusade to find new email provider after using Mailgun service for a long time.  Mailgun is nice but it’s really designed for email campaign and not for day to day email service.  So here’s what I found and my suggestion (including a promo code).

Service ProviderPROSCONS
Titan MailLowest Price ($3/m)Slow Support & No account management tools.
Zoho MailLow Price  ($1~4/m)Only 5GB & Limited features since their goal is to sell CRM.  It is a great option if you want to get their CRM as well.
RackspaceLow Price ($2.99/m)Setup is within the backend that’s complicated for typical non-IT users.
Microsoft 365 Business Basic$1 cheaper than G Suite ($5/m)Google Drive is more popular than OneDrive
Require annual commitment
GodaddyLow Price ($1.99/m)Price goes up to $5.99/m when you renew
Limited features & no phone app
Only 10GB storag
G Suite / Google WorkspaceBusiness Features you need

  • Email via Gmail (gmail phone app)
  • Google Drive for organizing & sharing docs
  • Easy Admin Management Tools
A bit more cost ($6/m)

I knew G Suite or now called Google Workspace was the best value but since I was looking for a system for a team of 6 people, I wanted to see if I can save some money.  My conquest to save $2~4/m ended up wasting so much time and clunky system and really wasn’t user-friendly.  I knew I can handle those systems as an IT guy, but I knew many of our teammates will not be able to use them smoothly which means more of my time to help them.

In the end, I ended up finding a promo code for G Suite (like one I’m giving you below) and ended up going with G Suite.  And unless you’re thinking of going OneDrive path with Microsoft 365, I would suggest that you do the same.  Godaddy is a contender as you CAN keep low price if you pay for multiple years in advance but I’m not a big fan of services that raises the price when you renew.  Feels like a gimmick to me.


Ready to sign up for G Suite / Google Workspace?

Click HERE (https://referworkspace.app.goo.gl/pmpk) to get 10% off G Suite/Google Workspace for a year.  Remember to use promo code below to get 10% off for the first year based on what you sign up with.

Google Workspace Business Starter Plan
34UDQCJMPTCEGYRGoogle Workspace Business Standard Plan
R6UH7WTKAE49Q4KEach promotion code provides 10% off the first year on either Google Workspace Business Starter plan or Google Workspace Business Standard plan*.
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