I already have Yelp & Facebook, why do I need a website?

ManySmall Businesses small businesses often start with Social Media such as Facebook or Yelp; they typically claim their business on Google.  And then, often, they stop.  We all know Facebook, Google & Yelp is a great platform.  In fact, we offer a Listing tool that can help you sync all those platforms with one click – more details here.  But this approach misses the most important part of your online presence: your website.

Why do I need a website?

Yelp & Facebook (and all other social media) are great.  You can post your work & products, and people can ‘like’ them, comment, and even buy them on Facebook.  But it tells the story based on algorithms of that social media, not the way you would tell.

Imagine you’re walking down the street and see a store,

Having an organized, professionally designed website offers just that.  Carefully designed pages that showcase your best work.  Plus, it makes it easier for customers to get information if they’re looking for something specific.

Online Storefront

Website is your online storefront. Why would you leave it empty?

Professional Website validates that you’re a serious, established company.

What’s the difference between those selling products off-street carts & stores?  It provides a professional environment that builds trust.  Having a website can have a similar effect where it allows people to feel like your business is real, not just a fly-by-night business.  After all, a fly-by-night business typically doesn’t create a professional website with useful information that often takes weeks to months to complete.

Many higher-end clients or commercial clients will want to check out your website before contacting you.

Business PresenceIf you’re working mainly with individuals, selling smaller dollar amounts, you can probably get away with Facebook & Yelp alone because your business probably doesn’t rely on having an official presence.  But if you are offering products or services with clients that might want to see your ‘business presence,’ website is not something you want to skip on.

Are you still wondering why do I need a website?

Ask yourself.  If you’re looking for a product or service (let’s say something that costs over $500), would you want to check out their website to see their work and get a feel of how they conduct their business?  Or would you send them money via Facebook or PayPal based on what they said on their page?


For a successful online presence, you should be doing all three.  Facebook & Yelp for a more relaxed way of sharing your business and Website for a more professional portfolio, if you will.

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