What is Marketing Technology

Marketing technology consists of platforms and tools to boost your marketing efforts.  Modern marketing, AKA digital marketing, requires a lot of computing power because most of our efforts are focused on the digital world. In fact, marketing technology has been recognized as its own industry since 2011

Local CitationAn easy example of marketing technology can be found in the listing services. Local listing and citation is an extremely important tool to improve your local SEO and Google search presence. And unlike before where you mainly worried about being on Yellowpages, in order to accomplish fully deployed local citation now, your business should be listed in all major listing services and directories. (30+) Now imagine going to 30+ different directory websites and updating your business information such as a new address or a new phone number one by one.

This is where marketing technology comes in to help make this a seamless, one-click process. Using marketing technology, you can work faster and more efficiently.

Another great example is in social posting.  Instead of posting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin individually, you can use a Social Posting program to post to all platforms in one click.

There are so many different Marketing Technology and typically these programs are affordable.Reputation Management

One of the major categories marketing technology can assist is in review management.  Just like with Social Posting, you can now pull reviews from all the different sources, and respond to them using one, easy to use platform.  Yup, that easy!


Marketing TechnologyAs a Digital Marketing Agency, we are a provider of essential marketing technologies to make your life easy and our list of offers & solutions grows day by day.

So, next time you’re copying and pasting multiple times to accomplish something, ask us, is there a way to make it easier?  You may be surprised by our answer.


Here’s our growing list of Marketing Technologies

  • Listing
  • Review Management
  • Review Request
  • Social Posting
  • Automated Google Ads
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Business
  • Auto-Attendant phone service
  • Customer Management Marketing
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