What is SEM / SEO Competitive Research?

Have you heard of SEM / SEO Competitive Research?  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the two most popular topics when it comes to any digital marketing in recent years.  It’s said to be critical to have a decent SEM budget and good SEO optimization to be competitive online, to be found.  But where do you start when trying to set up your SEM & SEO?

Enter SEM / SEO Competitive Research

On the surface, SEM / SEO Competitive Research is simply what it says, research of SEM & SEO of your competitive-ness.  Or to be more specific: what competitors are doing.

That’s right, using competitive research, you can look into what you and your closest competitors are doing.  There are few different professional tools available that allow you to do this.  But the goal is to learn your competitors’ most searched keywords as well as paid marketing; SEM.

For us, WebVillage.Marketing, SEM / SEO Competitive Research happens during the onboarding process after you sign up for AdWords campaign management.  And this is a great way for us to find out together what your potential prospects are searching for and which keywords your competitors are focusing on, allowing you to see under the hood if you will.

Popular Keywords Used by your Prospects

Through the Competitive Research process, you can really compare how you stack up against the competition.  At the end of this process, you will learn the best keywords your prospects are searching for and will have a good idea of how to configure your SEM/SEO setup.  Furthermore, we can learn the most successful keywords and use that information to configure your SEM & SEO campaign.

This is an essential process to make sure your marketing dollars are being spent effectively and you get the best possible result as soon as possible.  On right is an example of what this research will look like.  This is a powerful tool that is essential to make sure your campaign can be successful.

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