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What’s the Difference Between SEO and Local Keyword SEO?

Local Keyword SEO, or search engine optimization, is a must-know strategy for businesses that want to be competitive. Turns out, though, that the all-encompassing SEO has some nuances that are important to understand if you’re a local business. Below we’ll explain what you should know about local SEO vs. SEO and why a local SEO company can benefit you.

Selling Services & Who Uses Local Keyword SEO

One of the major differences between a local SEO strategy and a broader SEO strategy is the business behind the SEO. Service-based businesses tend to benefit the most from local SEO because their main target audience is the local market.

If you’re working as a lawyer, accountant, doctor, or real estate agent, you’re in one of the industries that would benefit the most from local SEO strategies. Since these industries are already so competitive, local SEO will help you focus your resources on attracting the people who will actually come to you for your services, not someone 500 miles away.

Building a Community With Off-Page SEO

Because you’re trying to attract people near you, your off-page SEO methods will look different from local SEO. Off-page means any SEO that benefits your website but doesn’t appear on your site, such as a mention on another website.

Local SEO will target websites that are in your community, so you build a strong reputation with the people around you. A local SEO strategy for off-page SEO may look like contacting small publications to be featured in a story on their websites or asking the local business directory to include your business listing. One of the most important ways to make your business visible is to add a Google My Business listing.

Using Local Keyword Strategies for On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the tactics you use within your website to make it more visible to your target audience. One of the most common and effective on-page SEO strategies is integrating relevant keywords into your content to signal to search engines that you are a good resource for the topic. Local SEO uses the same principles but adds a local mention to your keywords.

For instance, the keyword phrase “best divorce attorney” could apply to any divorce attorney, making it highly competitive and often irrelevant for those who find your website from other areas. The keyword phrase “best divorce attorney in Temecula Valley” narrows down searches to viewers near you.

Hiring a Local Keyword SEO Company

Another difference between broad SEO strategies and local keyword SEO strategies is the type of services you would require. If you’re only looking for local SEO, it may benefit you the most to connect with companies that specialize in local SEO strategies. If you want a broader reach, you may look to go for a company that has experience in global digital marketing.

Regardless of your SEO strategy, you’ll always fare well by connecting with experts who can point you in the right direction. Get your questions answered and see how you can grow your business by contacting us at Web Village Marketing. We’d love to work with you!

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