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All WebVillage’s website comes with 2 Factor Login system.  We may not always require use of 2 factor login such as CLEF or UNLOQ but we may require use of more secure login method if needed.  We highly recommend using 2 factor login instead of password as this makes your admin account to be almost impossible to hack unless they steal your phone first.

Referral Program

Know someone who can use a website?  Recommend us and we’ll give you up to 6 months of FREE Managed Hosting.  Actual discount will be based on package they select with minimum of 3 months extension for any referral.


Yes!  All site hosted by WebVillage is on automated backup schedule of 6D+3W+1M.  That means you have most recent 6 daily worth of backups + 3 weekly backups + 1 monthly backup.  This way, you have a whole month worth of backup you can access in cases you’ll need them.  And these are on two different locations to be safe!

Additionally, there is 1 weekly full backup of everything on entire server including emails in case worst happen that cannot be predicted or controlled.

In case if you haven’t noticed… we love backups! 😀

*Actual backup schedule can be changed at anytime based on availability & our need.  But we always will be running some sort of backup of your site that’s similar to what’s listed above in order to protect each site hosted on our server.

Server that hosts all the sites for WebVillage is currently located in secured data center in Los Angeles, CA.

Email – We can provide couple different options for email services.  This service is provided either through our server or via Godaddy’s unlimited email.

  • $5.99/month (59/year) for 1 Unlimited email account hosted by Godaddy
  • Get 3 for $13.99 or $139/year!

SSL – We now offer full SSL on our WordPress install.

  • Full SSL = green padlock on all customer side pages (example: webvillage.co)
  • SSL login section
  • $10/month (min. 6 month term)