DIY ADA Compliance Guide

DIY ADA Compliance Guide for your Website

DIY ADA Compliance Guide

ADA compliance is no longer optional for most websites.  This guide is created to help provide FREE and low-cost methods to get your website to be ADA compliant.  DIY ADA Compliance Guide is designed to help with WordPress and all other websites using FREE tools that are out there.  This is no way in legal advice or true protection against lawsuits or penalties.  This DIY ADA Compliance Guide offers a list and quick summary of how to use existing resources to help your own business.  If you have a business that may be at a higher risk of legal action, you should consult & hire ADA specialists that can & represent you in any legal actions.

Good news first! Most modern platforms (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, & etc) are already semi-compliant!

Most websites can become ‘compliant’ using a premium tool with all required & recoomended features!

  1. Is ADA compliance mandatory for websitesTESTING – The easiest way to test your compliance is using
    • test: (up to twice a day) at
    • Accessibilitychecker (up to twice a day) <- This test gives you a score & according to the site, 85 score is your passing score to avoid lawsuits.
    • GetADATool test (using AudioEye scanner)
  2. WordPress Plugins that help with accessibility
  3. Make recommended updates based on these tools & Accessible checker

DIY ADA Compliance Guide

Above are completely FREE method of DIY guide.  For those who wants a bit extra with full featured tools & ongoing monitoring:

OR get AudioEYE for as low as $35/m, which has

  • Automated test of your whole website – comprehensive scan, AI-powered, 23 Patents!
  • Accessibility Statement Management
  • Trusted Certification for legal defense
  • 24/7 Helpdesk builtin the tool
  • Best ADA Compliance Tool available!
  • Optional Manual Audit
  • Monitored Plan available!

Check out our DIY & managed solutions here:

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