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What’s Managed website management services?

Importance of website management services.  Have you seen people who spend tens of thousands on a jet ski or boat and it’s sitting in their years, being sun-damaged & collecting dust & rust?  Not having a current website management services is very similar.

A phrase I use often is ‘WordPress is as easy as it is vulnerable’.  While WordPress has so many great features and advantages, compared to traditional HTML sites, it has far more vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.  And these vulnerabilities must be constantly monitored and managed in order to keep your site secure.  The fact of the matter is, if someone, let say, famous hacker group ‘Anonymous’ decides to hack your site and bring it down, there’s really not much you can do.  We all see what they are capable of through the news.  However, people like you and I are rarely famous enough to be their target.  Securities we need to worry about isn’t about hackers but automated spam bots that goes around trying to exploit site that is not secure and redirect all visitors and links to whatever site they want, typically porn or pills.

That’s why you need ‘Managed website management services’.

Website management services include Managed Hosting + security in one.  Many people may not take website security seriously until one day you wake up to find all your website menus and links goes to a random site that is not yours.  And by then, all the damage is done and there’s nothing you can do besides restore to a backup and keep your finger crossed not to get hacked again.  Except that you’re probably on their list of easy prey. (And hope you have a backup somewhere)

Why would you spend so much money on your website but spend so little to maintain it?

I’m sorry but there is no such thing as a guarantee from hackers.  As I mentioned in the start of this post, if a real hacker wants to go after your site, there’s nothing I or anyone can do about it.  There are a few enterprise solutions that does offer guarantees to at least keep your static portion of the site alive for $5,000/month, if you’re interested.  Managed hosting is the second best thing!

Managed website management services includes the following:
– Security setup & configuration
– Daily monitoring of alerts & warnings
– Quarterly security sweep & malware scan & report
– Manual response on any abnormal alerts
– Triple daily backup to server & cloud & dropbox
– Notification and backup restore for affected sites
– 5 Gbps DDOS protection

[Find out why you need security on your hosting]

In the other word, ‘We Got You Covered’

Wondering the difference with Low Cost WordPress Hosting?

If you ask anyone who is experienced in working with WordPress about the above list of items, they will tell you those are something they do to their own sites on a regular basis.  And going about without this maintenance on your website is like driving your car with no maintenance whatsoever.  Eventually, the consequences of inaction will catch up with you.


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