WordPress seems EASY

WordPress seems EASY, I should just make it myself…

Almost anyone who knows anything about websites now knows about WordPress.  WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world and this is largely due to the fact that it has a great user interface (UI) which makes WordPress seems EASY!

So you say, “WordPress seems easy, I should just make it myself”

I agree, WordPress SEEMS easy to use and anyone who’s comfortable using a computer and a few apps can learn how to use it fairly quickly.  I’d even go further and say if you know how to use MS Office like Excel & Word, you can build WordPress websites.  WordPress has a friendly UI so anyone can easily navigate through the back-end; adding a new page or post is as easy as creating a new Word document, seriously!  And if you run into something you don’t know, there are countless resources available online, even Facebook groups where you can ask questions: WP Help & Share.  So what am I paying someone to make my WordPress site for you might ask, right?

I like to compare building a WordPress website to gardening…

Gardening is also super easy.  You put a seed in the ground, you water it regularly, and a plant grows.  If you’ve never grown anything, take my word for it, it grows like magic all on its own and gives you a flower, oxygen (you can’t see it but apparently they do), and/or fruit.  (I promise I’m getting to the point, hang in there with me.)  So, gardening is easy like how building a WordPress site is easy, but as any beginning gardener will tell you, there are moments of struggle. Plants turn white, yellow, or looking burnt; you notice black dots or thousands of small eggs on the leaves. So you look to Google, call Grandma, and go to Home Depot to buy another bottle of something to solve the issue, spending lots time & lots of energy trying to keep things alive.

The good news is I don’t really need a garden for anything other than a hobby and it has zero impact on my work or business if everything in my garden get destroyed by disease, forgetting to water, or whatever reason.

The question is, can you say the same about your WordPress site?

If the answer is ‘YES‘ and you have the time to do the research and learn things, you should build your own WordPress site.  I would suggest that you start with http://WordPress.com instead of Godaddy or any other cheap WordPress hosting.  WordPress.com gives you a lite version of WordPress which you can play with until you get used to it before jumping into the full version of WordPress. (More on this later)

If your answer is ‘NO‘, and you’re building a website where being hacked, having the website crash, or random errors could impact your business, you should seek out a professional.  And by professional, I don’t mean some kid on Craigslist trying to make a buck.  (More on this later)

At the end of the day, if you’re paying someone to build and maintain your website, you will have someone readily available who will take care of issues if and when they arise.  Versus if you build your own website, the only person who’s responsible will be you.  Some of WebVillage’s customers already know how to build and even maintain their WordPress sites but they have us do the work because, and I quote:

‘I’m too busy trying to get my business going and I don’t have time to trying to keep my website running & deal with all the small issues that come up’.

Something to keep in mind.

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